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Lesetipp: Buch über Iran-Blogs

Ein Buch mit Texten der iranischen Blogger. Offenbar schon in einigen Sprachen erhältlich, z.B. Deutsch und Englisch. Und hier ist ein Kapitel auf Englisch.

Aus dem About the Book:

In September 2001, a young Iranian journalist named Hossein Derakhshan, created one of the very first weblogs in his native language of Farsi. In response to a request from a reader, he created a simple how-to-blog guide in Farsi. With the modest aim of giving other Iranians a voice, he wound up unleashing a torrent of opinion, the likes of which had never before been seen in the Islamic world.
There are now 64,000 blogs in Farsi, and Nasrin Alavi has been painstakingly reviewing them all. In so doing she has created a remarkable document of the efflorescence of dissent in Iran, a book that not only functions as an archive of what Iranians think of their country, their religion, their culture and the world around them, but also as an alternative recent history of Iran.

Disclaimer: Ich habe das Buch nicht gelesen, darum weiss ich nicht, ob es wirklich interessant ist.

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