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The Silly Friday Competition

This is your chance to win!

How can you win? It’s simple:

All you have to do is correctly guess how the winner of the WIN a week with DaveN competition and said DaveN will spend a whole whole week together.

I know, I know: The possibilities are endless. Will they go river-rafting in Colorado? Will they invent Web3.14 in Rio de Janeiro? Will they watch TV all day in the tub? It’s a tough competition. But consider the prize: One Blue Paperclip (paperclip not shown here for security reasons, but you know the kind, it’s a paperclip, it’s blue)!

And, guess what: With a bit of luck, you could trade your paperclip for a house in just a few months! So in fact it’s almost like we’re giving away the chance to win a house! Kinda sorta. Almost. Close enough.

The winner of DaveN’s competition, by the way, is the person who correctly guesses what the key opens that can be won in Dax’s competition, which is a competition about the number of guesses Shoemoney will have entered in his competition.

Oh. I can see your eyes are glazing over. Perhaps I wasn’t that clear. So let’s try again:

  1. Shoemoney competition: The person who can guess the number of spams the closest WITHOUT GOING OVER (its like the price is right) that will be displayed at 12:00 PM PST on september 9th will win 100$ paypal!
  2. Dax competition: The person who guesses the number closest to the final number of guesses that Shoemoney gets for his Guess The Spam Contest (ends sept 9th at 11:59 PM), wins Dax’s Guess the Number of Guesses in Shoemoney’s Contest Contest and will receive this key I found on the ground outside of Ralph’s a few days ago.
  3. DaveN competition: The winner of my competition will be the person who correctly guesses what the key that Dax found opens.
  4. Silly Friday Competition: The lucky winner of The Silly Friday Competition is the person who correctly guesses what DaveN and the lucky winner of his competition will do together a whole week long.

Simple, isn’t it? The Silly Friday Competition ends thirty seconds before DaveN publishes the winner of his competition. It’s that simple. So fire away.

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  1. habi wrote:

    have diner in 7 nice restaurants and then go and see 7 different weird asian movies?

    Saturday, September 9, 2006 at 12:08 | Permalink