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PHP Developers Wanted @

Like the title says, I’m looking for PHP developers. Let’s take to the next level!

Projects, in no particular order

  • Swiss Blogmap (this project can also be done by a non-programmer!)
    • Create a list of coordinates for major Swiss cities to make geo-locating easier for non-geeks.
    • Adjust the large map (thank you Baumi for working on this!)
    • Check all blogs that don’t have geourl data, find their location, and add it to the DB
  • Cagetories (partly done)

    • frontend for the registration page, the Bloglist, and the start page.
    • backend for administration.
    • translate categories into French and Italian (this can also be done by a non-programmer!).
  • Cooperation with swissblogs
    • one registration form for both sites.
    • exchange of data.
  • Database optimization. The MySQL DB holding individual blog entries now has over 40’000 records and a size of 30MB, growing hourly. Peanuts, I know; but let’s prepare for the future.
  • User management: Let users maintain their blog data (this is a big one).
  • Ping
  • Anything else you can think of. Improvements small and large to the existing code are also welcome.


  • Must be able to read and understand English documentation (if you made it this far, you probably qualify).
  • Must be a better PHP developer than I am; unfortunately I don’t have time to teach you (PHP skills optional where noted).
  • Must have at least 3-4 hours per week available for your project. The more, the better.


  • I will be forever grateful.
  • You will become an official Hero of The Swiss Blogosphere (sorry, no badge).
  • Your name and site link will be on the About page.
  • You’ll get an account in this blog so you can write about your project and announce when it’s ready for the public.


Thank you very much for making a better place!

One Comment

  1. Anonymous wrote:

    I sent you a mail ( 16.08.05 ), with the offer to help you developing
    Unfortunately, i did not get any response.
    So i will try it on this way.
    When you are interessted, we can communication per mail further.


    Hafid H.

    some details to my mail:
    Date: 16.08.2005 19:42
    Subject: [] Entwickler
    with small PHP-Example ( RSS-Reader )

    Thursday, August 25, 2005 at 15:02 | Permalink