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Journalisten-Blogger, überlegt’s euch nochmal

Mein kleiner Hinweis an alle Blogger, die sich gerne als Journalisten sähen: Lasst es lieber. Erstens fehlt euch das nötige Know-how. Und zweitens ist das ein ungesunder Job.

Iraq: 32 journalists dead in 2006
32 journalists died in Iraq in 2006, making it this year’s deadliest State for press. The number of journalists killed on the job is on the rise.
30 of them were Iraqis. The worst attack occurred on Oct. 12th, when 11 people at the al-Shaabia satellite TV channel were executed by masked gunmen.

55 journalists were murdered around the world during the course of their work in 2006, on the rise since last year’s 47. Seven of the killings happened in Mexico.

via Editor’s Weblog