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Breaking news: iPhone Shuffle!

Like the iPod Shuffle, the new iPhone Shuffle has no display. It’s an all-white rectangle with a little green light to show that a call is in progress. While the iPhone Shuffle superficially resembles the iPod Shuffle, its user interface is even more spare. In place of the familiar round iPod “wheel” of the iPods, the iPhone Shuffle sports a single square button. When pressed, the iPhone Shuffle dials a random number from its phone book.
“Our research showed that people don’t care who they call as much as they care about being on the phone,” said Jobs. “We also found that most cell phone users hate routine, and prefer to be surprised. That’s just as true for people answering calls as it is for people making them. It’s much more liberating, and far more social, to call people at random than it is to call them deliberately.”
Josh Bernoff, an analyst with Forrester Research, said, “We expect the iPhone Shuffle will do as much to change the culture of telephony as the iPod has done to change the culture of music listening.”


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  1. Mr.K wrote:

    Here is it!

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