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Dorftrottel (Village Idiot) live..

or Dorftrottel’s life? Well, dear ladies and gentlemen, the train tickets are bought. And they were so f***ing expensive that there is no going back now (We’ll try to sell some signed photo prints at the event to make up financially. 20 francs a piece. Ask us for them.. pleeze) .
The Village Idiot will blog live from the Swiss Blog Award 2006.

We might as well start here and now, aren’t we?
A critical voice voicing criticism. That’s what we’ll be doing next friday
(we, by the way, write in the third person because we are 1 human being and 1 animal. dog that is. That makes us we..),
at least that’s our plan. And already there’s one hell of a big question: A voice critical of what?
Do we want to critizise the celebration of blogs? The award? Blogs themselves? The Swiss blog community at large or just the german speaking part of it?
We have to admit, following the SBAW- (and please excuse my french..) eclat here at home,we almost threw our old Gateway Solo 1100 out the window. But that’s not the point..
So what is the point?
Human beings seem to need entertainment, they need celebrations and awards. And celebrations we have plenty these days. Somewhere we also learned that in hard times people like to celebrate excessively.
In swiss-german we like to use the word “hundsverlochete”, which means the burial (and the celebration) of a dead dog. One can celebrate the burial of a dog almost every and each day. Check your printed local thingee/whatchamacallit.. a party, two or three every day or night of the week..
We also think and feel that the current times resemble the so called roaring twenties. A time when alot of dead dogs where buried.
We celebrate a dead dog.It very well could be an undead dead dog too..
And excuse me again.. We charge ahead here. Why? Because that very thing is scary for most folks to grasp. Too scary for almost anybody..

It takes a crazy person to word it. However crude, or even cruel.
Jezzes Ckrizt was appearantly crucified for it. That’s what one book sais..

And since we are suicidal anyways..
..we listen keith jarret’s recorded “paris”
and wait for someone to kill us..

See you in Biel/Bienne

oh whatever..


  1. Matthias wrote:

    Hehe, you’re great! I wish you were doing the opening speech :-).

    Tuesday, May 2, 2006 at 11:43 | Permalink
  2. xoxo wrote:

    Well, Bo…it’s a good start! Mom and I are already chuckling. It’s always
    a delight to read your writing, especially when you mention Zinho.

    Just remember the names of all languages, like French, Italian, English,
    etc., etc., are capitalized in English. Also, English readers are used to
    more spaces between paragraphs. Not like German where they all back up on
    each other.

    And “we” is not third person; it’s first person plural. (He, she, it is
    third person singular.)

    And one last little thing: Don’t drink too much while you’re writing. It
    will flow more coherently.

    With a big, big hug from the two of us to the two of you! We wish you a
    wonderful time.

    Wednesday, May 3, 2006 at 01:27 | Permalink