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Monthly Archives: May 2006

SBAWLIVE: Live From The Swiss Blog Awards

This is for all you people who are planning to blog the Swiss Blog Awards event live: Make sure your blog is registered at Blog about the show while you’re there Make sure to include the tag sbawlive in your posting. Here is the code, just copy and paste this into your posting: Technorati […]

Do Not Panic. This Is Just A Drill

This is your captain speaking. Do not panic. This is just a drill. If you hear a loud swooshing sound, this is not our atmosphere escaping into space. The hull was not breached. We have not been hit by a proton torpedo. The red emergency lights are on for your entertainment only. The Klingon are […]

That’s the way to do it..

.. money for nothing and chicks for free! The Dorftrottels just got invited. Twice actually. By email.. To the awards. We should be there for the appetizers by 7:15 pm latest the mail said. And since it’s free of charge – so the advice -we could bring family, friends and pick up some homeless folks […]

Dorftrottel (Village Idiot) live..

or Dorftrottel’s life? Well, dear ladies and gentlemen, the train tickets are bought. And they were so f***ing expensive that there is no going back now (We’ll try to sell some signed photo prints at the event to make up financially. 20 francs a piece. Ask us for them.. pleeze) . The Village Idiot will […]

Swiss Blog Awards: The Program! The Booklet! The Fame!

The unsatiable maniacs over at the Swiss Blog Awards Headquarter published the program booklet. It’s red, it’s small, it’s cute, it’s paper! Use it to wipe your tears, your sweat, your arse harddrive. Fold it into an airplane, a hat, a sailboat, or even a fashionable sex toy! Wow! Wow! Wow! P.S.: Reading the booklet […]