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Whitepaper über Business-Blogs: To Blog or Not to Blog

Siebzehnseitiges Whitepaper für Geschäfte, die sich mit Blogs befassen wollen: To Blog or Not to Blog: How Businesses Can Get Closer to Their Markets through Blogging.

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis:

What Are “Blogs” and Where Did They Come From?
What Does Blogging Have to Do with Business?
Ten Rules for Starting Your Corporate Blogging Off Right
1. Read Before You Write
2. Links Are Key
3. Don’t Use Your Own Blog to Sing the Praises of Your Company
4. Don’t Spam in Comments or Email
5. Monitor What Bloggers Are Saying About You
6. Don’t Do Denial
7. Comments – Tread Carefully
8. Set Your Employees Free (Because They Already Are)
9. Don’t Forget Traditional Marketing and PR
10. Aggregators Are Great – But Start Small
There’s A Blog in Your Future (even if it’s n ot your own)
Key Corporate Blogging Resources

Handfeste Tipps für Firmen also, aber auch für uns Normalblogger recht nützlich.

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